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The purpose of the Community Message Center is to communicate information to the residence of the Town of South Whitley and the surrounding area.  In addition to emergency and town information, the sign will be used to communicate information for not for profit organizations.

1. Examples of acceptable groups include non-profit service organizations such as Lions  Club, church youth groups, social clubs.  The sign will be used for Whitko school district events, as well as local athletic associations.

2. Your request should not be submitted less than 2 weeks prior to the event

3. The event must be for the betterment of the community and pertinent to the residents of South Whitley.

4.  A request to display a message does not guarantee the message will run.

5.  Events will be deleted from the board the day after their conclusion.

6.  No personal messages or events will be considered at this time.

7. The Town of South Whitley has the right to edit message information for space,clarity, and content.

8.  Only requests submitted in writing on the proper application will be considered.

9.  All applications must include: name of organization, contact person, and phone number.

10. For additional information contact the Town of South Whitley, Clerk's Office (260)723-5312

The Community Message Center Application is available at the link below.   You may print this application and either email the completed application to sign@southwhitley.org or deliver it to the Town of South Whitley Clerk's Office.   Printed copies of the application are also available at the Town of South Whitley Clerk's Office.  

Community Message Center Application.pdf